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WorkAloha and workation, the new normal.

The global pandemic redefined the way companies operate and its options for employees to work from home. Remote work and telework is now the new normal.

Today, with people working from home during the pandemic, the work-life balance is increasingly important as it focuses on the employee’s well-being while increasing long term productivity for the companies. In order to escape to take a holiday, the trend of working while on vacation has been increasingly gaining popularity.

While the concept of “workation” is nothing new, the use of digital tools and the ability to take the office with you anywhere is being revolutionized. Technology including laptops, project management software, messaging and teleconferencing platforms, and collaboration tools make remote work a possibility.

Let us take care of all your travel arrangements from airline ticketing, transportation, hotel accommodations, and tour excursions. We can even arrange your own coworking space with all the necessities such as Wi-Fi, printing, conference rooms, and lockers. You can enjoy the beach and work in Hawai`i.

Our service, WorkAloha is named not only because it is in Hawai`i, but it connects the Aloha which is unique to Hawai`i and the interactions with locals while working and vacationing.

Why not enjoy a WorkAloha workation in Hawai`i?

Background of the start of the WorkAloha service

After the spring of 2020, the coronavirus infection inevitably forced me to work from home. “I can work from home even if I don’t work from morning till night.” “Work from home.” It’s not inconvenient, “and some companies have noticed in their actual work that they are constantly adopting remote work.

“Working”, which is a combination of work and vacation, has become a word that is often seen in corona sickness, coupled with expectations as an opportunity for regional revitalization in Japan.

What is the new service “Work Aloha”?

Remote work, which is currently being said, is an idea of a new way of working, such as utilizing digital tools such as a conference system, improving work efficiency, and effectively utilizing commuting time, unlike the previous teleworking for nursing care and childcare. Is a feature. You can work not only at home but also in places other than the office.

In other words, it is not necessary to ask the location as long as the Internet is connected, not only in Japan.

If so, it is possible to realize the longed-for work style in remote work overseas, especially in Hawaii, which is synonymous with resorts.

We named it “WorkAloha” not only because the place is Hawaii, but also because it connects Aloha (input unique to Hawaii) such as interaction with the locals to work.

What are the benefits of a workation in Hawai`i?

Need you ask?


It’s Hawai`i! Hawai`i has something for everyone from sun, shopping, blue skies, and pleasant island breezes.

Time difference

If your office is in Japan or Australia, you can play in the morning and then work from the afternoon when your office is open for business.

If your office is in the continental United States, you can work in the morning during business hours and then play in the afternoon.

Work-Life balance

Enjoy the locale for an extended period while earning a salary and refresh your creativity and outlook on the world and life.

WorkAloha service content

How do you deal with the company you work for?

As a formal business, we will support you so that you can work in Hawaii with the consent of the company.
In addition to the basic package in the plan below, we will handle it from one person, such as securing a long-term office or staying at a place other than a hotel, so please contact us.

Of course, as a practice of improving the paid leave digestion rate, there is no problem with vacation main + a little work.

Do you need English?

Can I work abroad ?: Hawaii is also a great overseas. Some are overseas. .. .. English is. .. .. Many people think that.

However, there are many Japanese-speaking Nikkei in Hawaii, not in the continental United States.
There is almost no anxiety about the language, and we will always support you.

On the other hand, for those who want to try an environment where they can use English more and more, we can also provide an environment where they can secure a co-working space and communicate with foreigners in public spaces.

Input unique to Hawaii?

We would like to inform those who apply for “WorkAloha Recommendations”, an instruction booklet specializing in working in Hawaii.

After arriving, transform into a loco and experience Hawaii.
We will guide you to a safe and fulfilling stay.

You will be able to enjoy work and leisure in a different environment, such as the climate, the scenery, the personality of the people in the city, and the meals that are unique to the area.

What are the advantages of the location in Hawaii?

The time difference with Japan is one day behind, but it is five hours ahead of Japan.
In other words, 9:00 Japan time. It will be 14:00 in Hawaii time.

Therefore, you can enjoy surfing and sightseeing from the morning, and then go to work.

Also, Friday in Hawaii time is Saturday in Japan, so you can enjoy the Hawaii weekend to your heart’s content.

Why don’t you try remote work in Hawaii, which is a bit different from everyone else?

Please feel free to contact us

Please feel free to contact us for details.
The Kinki Nippon Tourist staff near you will explain about the system construction at the company.

Inquiries (from individuals and companies)

TEL 808-926-8177

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