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Aloha E Komo Mai! Welcome to Hawai`i!

We welcome you to Hawai`i where you can stroll along the sandy beaches, swim in the warm ocean, and enjoy the pleasant island breezes.

Kintetsu, a company you can trust with all your travel needs.

We are a full-service DMC (Destination Management Company) in Hawai`i. Our experience and expertise of providing travel services for over 50 years in the islands will help you achieve your purpose to Hawai`i and purpose beyond travel. For individual tours to Hawai`i, travel without worry with Kintetsu International Hawaii.

If you do not have to be restricted to a pre-arranged packaged tour or time schedule, let our expert consultants make your travel arrangements based on your needs with the Aloha spirit.

Air Tickets

We can help to get you to the Hawai`i.
Let us find the best price and route to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.


We will find the perfect lodging accommodations that suit your needs, location, and budget so you can rest in comfort.


Need a ride? We can assist with a variety of transportation arrangements for a hired driver, transportation to and from the airport, and more.

Car Rentals

Want to experience the beautiful islands?
We can arrange your car rental for pick up at the airport upon arrival or from other locations.

Sightseeing Tours

See the beautiful Hawaiian Islands up close.
We can arrange individual tour excursions to all popular attractions and activities on the islands.

Other Services

Need a cellular phone or have a special request?
Let us know and we can help.

Why choose Kintetsu International Hawaii Company?

  • 50+ years of experience with travel arrangements in Hawai`i.
  • We have purchasing power and can offer great prices for individual tours to Hawai`i.
  • Freedom to create your own plans.
  • Stay at the hotel you want to stay at and see the islands based on your schedule.
  • A company you can trust with all your travel needs.

Recommendations by Kintetsu International Hawaii Company

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For more information about our services to Hawaii, visit our Global Services website

Contact Us

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