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For individual tours promising a stay full of Aloha


Let us make your individual tour arrangements to ensure a comfortable stay full of Aloha. It is our aim to create individual tours to suit your travel purposes. For instance, we can make arrangements to Hawai`i’s most popular shopping, dining, and entertainment spots. We pay close attention to quality control and information gathering so that you can travel worry-free. Without a doubt, Kintetsu International Hawaii can help you make travel easy.

Above all, we are more than happy to introduce you to our favorite restaurants, hotels, and tour spots. Please  relax in Hawai`i’s natural beauty and enjoy the pleasant trade winds and bask in the heat of the sun while enjoying the local attractions. With that in mind, our entire staff awaits you!

Kinki Nippon Tourist

Our lineup of package tour brands, "Holiday" & "Clicky"

Holiday ,” which is the main brand of Kinki Nippon Tourist for travel to Hawaii, specializes in package tours for first timers to Hawaii, Honeymooners, family trips and more.

The “ Clicky ” brand has a wide range of web-based products to suit the travel style of each individual traveler. Including the Holiday brand, Clicky can be accessed online from the comfort and convenience of your home

Experience Hawaiian culture safely and securely, "Club Tourism"

Club Tourism” is another popular brand of the Kinki Nippon Tourist Group. Since its start in 1995, Club Tourism has developed tours geared towards the active senior community.

The theme, “Experience Hawaiian culture safely and securely” promotes the value of learning that includes culture, history, and nature unique to the islands. Most tours are accompanied by tour escorts from Japan and tour guides in Hawai`i. So you can travel to Hawai`i and experience the culture safely and securely.

Free travel support, "Flight & Hotel"

The “Flight & Hotel” brand allows the independent or experienced traveler to enjoy Hawai`i on their own schedule. This brand allows you to arrange only air ticket and hotel accommodations via a smartphone through a dedicated website.

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