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Explore and discover Hawaii and its deep history and culture


Our group operation team services a wide array of groups, from Company trips, School excursion trips, incentive trips, culture exchange trips, sports events and much more.

Most people think of Hawaii as a place that has beautiful weather, stunning beaches and is famous for the hula, ukulele, and surfing. In fact, Hawaii has a lot more to offer. Hawaii is the melting pot of cultures and it is what it is today because of the history of our predecessors in the islands. We can arrange your groups that showcases the history and culture of Hawaii while fulfilling your purpose to Hawaii.

-The Group Tour Team-

Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Dana Edmunds

Custom made group tours for your needs

Hawaii, the paradise, is the one of the most optimal destinations for your company trips to let your employees relax, refresh and enhance unity. It is also a great place for companies to invite your clients to show your appreciation.

In addition to planning sightseeing and parties, we also offer custom made services such as arranging cultural exchanges, sports activities, inspection tours for groups that are looking for unique opportunities to experience Hawaii’s own cultures and history which is very much different from the that on the continental United States.

"Learning in Hawaii", The New Standard for Overseas Educational Travel

Hawaii is a valuable place in many aspects. To study history, you can learn the beginning and end of the war between Japan and the United States of America at Pearl Harbor where the battleship USS Missouri is still moored.

The Japanese Cultural Center is another place where you can learn and feel the “war” from the videos and other materials at that time from the Japanese-Americans’ point of view.

In addition, we support school excursions not only for the entire school but also for small classes with specific purposes such as science- related courses and globally recognized SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) related courses.

Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Heather Goodman / @hbgoodie

Participate in an event or host an event which are unique to Hawaii.

Hawaii is the perfect destination for people from around the world to gather because of its overwhelming accommodation capacity and the abundance of indoor and outdoor venues for events.

For more than 40 years Kinki Nippon Tourist has hosted the “Matsuri in Hawaii – Pan Pacific Festival” in June which attracts thousands of participants and spectators from Japan, United States and countries in the Pacific Rim to share the various cultures and traditional performing arts of Japan.

There many more festivals and events happening in Hawaii and our dedicated team is here to arrange your trip to participate in and enjoy the various events or even hosting an event in Hawaii.


Hawaii is a Mecca for the festivals.
Let's participate in or host big events which are very unique to Hawaii.

Hawaii has been a very optimal place to gather people from all over the place because of its overwhelming accommodation capacity and plenty indoor and outdoor event venues.

For more than 40 years Kinki Japan Tourist Co. hosts “Matsuri in Hawaii – Pan Pcifict Festival” every June, and regardless of ethnic and language differences people from countries and regions in the Pacific Rim have gathered to share the regional and traditional performing arts of Japan.

There are a lot more festivals and events happening in Hawaii and we are here to arrange your trip to participate in and enjoy the various events by cooperating with the state and local communities that we have great long term relationships with.


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Pan Pacific Festival
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