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Things To Do On O`ahu - I`olani Palace

Things To Do On O`ahu

Things To Do On O`ahu From diving under into the depths of the ocean to hiking up into the clouds, O`ahu is full of fun things to do. Keep reading for the best things to do on O`ahu. Great for first time visitors who don’t know where to start. Let Kintetsu International Hawaii Company help with all your travel needs.  Learn How To Surf Of course, the most obvious thing to do in Hawai`i is to learn how to surf.…

O`ahu's Best Beach - Lanikai Beach

Best Beaches on O`ahu

Welcoming the largest number of visitors compared to any other Hawaiian Island, O`ahu is the perfect tropical paradise for all. The island features large urban areas and vast areas of natural beauty. Perhaps the most famous of its attractions are the many beaches found around the island. Which beach you decide to visit might depend on a number of factors from the season, your location, or your desired beach activities.  Divided into four geographic areas, O`ahu’s shores each offer different…

North Shore - Hale`iwa Bowls

North Shore

Itching to explore O`ahu beyond the beaches of Waikiki? O`ahu’s North Shore is the perfect place to go. A favorite destination for locals and visitors alike, the North Shore features popular beaches, dining spots, and shopping you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the island. The town’s laid-back vibes offer a stark contrast to the busy streets of Waikīkī.  Waimea The North Shore is home to some of O`ahu’s most famous beaches. Waimea Bay is one such beach.…

Diamond Head

Diamond Head Reservation System

Diamond Head Summit Trail The Diamond Head Summit Trail is perhaps one of the state’s most famous hikes. The summit offers unparalleled views of Honolulu that are undoubtedly worth the steep climb. The trail covers roughly two miles and climbs about 500 feet up. The trail features a narrow tunnel, stairs, and an old military bunker. The hike is considered to be relatively easy and suitable for most despite the steep ascent. The relatively easy climb, spectacular views, and proximity…

Hilton Hawaiian Village

Hilton Hawaiian Village

Dating back to the mid twentieth century, the Hilton Hawaiian Village has since provided accommodations for thousands of O`ahu’s visitors. Since its founding in 1961, multiple renovations and additions have been made, increasing the offerings to guests. Today, the village is one of the best places to stay in Waikīkī with their luxurious guest rooms and beachfront access. With five towers to choose from, the Hilton Hawaiian Village has rooms to accommodate groups of any size with varying needs. The…

Roy's Waikiki

Roy’s Waikiki

The main Waikīkī strip certainly has a wide variety of dining spots. From local spots to your favorite chains, you're sure to find something to satisfy your cravings without traveling too far. It might be tempting to dine in at the first restaurant you pass but there are a lot of hidden gems located off of the main strip. If you’re willing to walk a little further and look a little harder, you might just find a gem.  Roy's Waikiki…

Ohia Waikiki Studio Suites

Hawai`i on a Budget

Ohia Waikiki Studio Suites Looking to come to Hawai`i on a budget? Kintetsu International Hawaii Company can assist with all your travel arrangements regardless of your budget. Perfect for school groups or budget travelers, the Ohia Waikiki Studio Suites offers cozy accommodations for an unbeatable price. They offer a variety of rooms fit for any group or the individual, all of which come with a private lanai overlooking the streets of Waikīkī. The hotel includes a private pool, onsite restaurant,…

Polynesian Cultural Ceneter

Polynesian Cultural Center

    The Polynesian Cultural Center combines education and entertainment in an environment showcasing six unique Polynesian cultures. For more than 50 years, PCC has been sharing an authentic cultural experience. In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced PCC to close its doors to visitors. The Polynesian Cultural Center has taken this time to make improvements to the customer experience through increased showings and a major upgrade to the buffet. As Hawai`i continues to loosen restrictions and welcome back…

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